Samuel is universally liked within the company. He is a great ambassador externally and knows how to solicit the best from those around him.

David S., Chairman, First Corporate Solutions, Inc.

I worked with Samuel for over 3 years as he put together marketing plans and campaigns for the web based products my department developed. He also managed a year long project with extensive internal and external branding effort as well as shift in marketing and an internal structure redesign. His leadership and project management skills enabled the division to be launched on schedule. He was able to work with difficult managers and manage large projects that required tasking his peers and his superiors.

Peg Bubon
Director of Information Technology, PCTS, Inc.

His maturity, attitude and dedication benefits not only the image of our company, but also provides a great example for everyone (including me).

David Silverburg
CEO/President, First Corporate Solutions, Inc.

Samuel has made remarkable contribution in the marketing efforts of PCTS. Samuel has established a marketing foundation that has provided PCTS the opportunity to maximize our focuses and direction in promoting our products and services. His willingness to assume various marketing roles and responsibilities is a true testament of Samuel’s dedication and work ethic. Samuel has defined the meaning of teamwork at PCTS by his daily efforts and positive interaction with all PCTS employees.

James Prim

My job search site has quickly grown to over 1 million visits every month. With our continued rapid growth in mind, Samuel (Hon Marketing) created a new brand identity and collateral materials that truly represent our company. Hon Marketing analyzed our needs and developed effective marketing solutions and creative work enabling us to achieve our strategic goals. Their work is indeed exceptional.”

Chris McGarry
Founder, JobSpider, California

Samuel has an extremely rare skill set. He is an effective leader, extremely organized, and has excellent big picture vision that can aid any organization. He’s extremely creative and has a very strong work ethic. Best of all, he has a wonderful sense of humor and has the ability to relate with just about everyone he meets! If you are looking for someone who brings great energy and creativity to your organization and will work hard to execute your objectives, Samuel is the right person for the job.

Angie White
Director, Employer Relations
University of Wisconsin Career Services Office

His ability to take in the sales force needs combined with his in-depth knowledge of the industry and creative talent produce the results necessary to succeed. From creating company wide campaigns to tools exclusively for my use in a particular territory, Samuel has never disappointed. Samuel has exhibited strong leadership skills in creating and driving our direct mail campaigns, marketing brochure pieces, tradeshow organization and websites from start to finish. He has been able to keep these programs on track in evaluating each program for cost benefit analysis with the executive and sales team of many different needs and wants.

Monica Butz
National Sales Manager, First Corporate Solutions, Inc.

His contribution was not solely in his productivity, creativity and tremendous stamina. It was his humor, his commitment, and his energy. Samuel modeled for all of us the idea of setting a goal and working relentlessly to meet it.”

Leslie Kholberg
Director, UW Career Services

He never seems to buckle under the weight of deadlines or expectations. He never seems to lose that innate eagerness. He never fails to improve people or processes he engages with. He is poised, happy, bright, warm and dedicated. He is richly deserving of my most enthusiastic endorsement.

Katy Culver
Professor, University of Wisconsin – Madison

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